There’s a reason it’s called backup AND recovery

There is a saying in hang gliding, “never fly higher than you are willing to fall”. These days’ personal and business data can be as dear as life itself for some; the loss of which can be devastating. Therefore, we strongly recommend all of our customers install and maintain a good backup system. Yet simply backing up may not be enough. All too often we are called to perform data recovery services for customers that actually had a backup routine in place. Then we discover that the backups were either never checked or there was not any recovery “fire drill” to make sure the backups were actually restorable. This is where the “AND recovery” part of the story comes in. Frankly, the process should rather be called recovery and backup. For any backup is only as good as its ability to be restored. Having a disaster recovery plan and executable restoration testing in place is perhaps more important than the backup itself. For if data cannot be restored, the backup is useless. Here at Computrs we recommend that a data recovery drill is executed at least once a year. For larger organizations or those that literally live on their data, a higher testing frequency is suggested. This is something you can perform yourself or, if you prefer, let the pros handle it. Give Computrs a call to get a quote for us to perform your next backup data recovery testing. Restorability of your backup is the critical ounce of prevention that makes all the difference between a good back up and a bad one.