QuickBooks – “We Do IT Different”

QuickBooks accounting software is the most popular desktop and online computer based bookkeeping solution on the market today. It is intuitive, powerful and very versatile. Yet, most businesses use only a small percentage of its power. There is a big gap between what their CPA/Accountant will do for them and the other accounting tasks such as training, data security, networking, inventory control, debt and asset management, sales commissions, procedures in and around the system and reporting. These businesses need something more akin to a controller with an IT background. After all, accounting is quite technical in its own right. Though most CPAs and accountants help with the basic setup mostly for tax purposes, using the software beyond the chart of accounts is usually left to the owners of the company. Inevitably the integration of daily operations into the QuickBooks system takes a back seat leaving the owners a bit intimidated and still wanting more from their accounting. The common question, “how is my business really doing today?” Why wait for the end of the month, quarter or year? Why not know how your money is flowing on a daily basis? Here at Computrs, Inc. we pick up where most CPAs and accountants leave off. We work with and for many CPAs and accounting firms augmenting their services by fully integrating and customizing QuickBooks to better manage cash flow, optimize work flow for the bookkeeper and other users, create custom forms and work flow processes as well as design robust and useful reporting. We even offer conversions from other accounting packages such as Great Plains, Peachtree and Sage into the QuickBooks platform. If your QuickBooks is not giving you all you want from it, give Computrs, Inc. a call. We are certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors as well as having over 30 years IT experience; the perfect combination to get your QuickBooks doing everything it can for you.