Microsoft Windows 7 End of Life cycle in approaching

January 14 , 2020 will mark the end of support for Windows 7 from Microsoft. While the computers running Window 7 will continue operating they won’t be getting anymore updates after that date. To some users that can be a sign of relief. To others it’s a warning that their computer needs to finally take the leap to Windows 10. Microsoft has ended support for various operating systems before. When everyone was forced to leave XP for the next level some people held firm with their tried and true Windows XP. Those hold outs with XP eventually discovered new glitches they never experienced before. Internet Explorer stopped working on some websites even though it was working fine just a few days before the issues developed. When Windows 7 finally stops being supported by Microsoft those hold outs for Windows 7 will slowing become frustrated with new issues. Computrs Inc does not want anyone to start a panic but now is the time to begin planning for the migration to Windows 10. Call us to schedule a free evaluation and discuss the options available.