Data Recovery Services

If your computer has stopped working, gives you a blue screen or crashes Computrs Inc can help.

Bad Hard Drives

A recent study showed that seven to fifteen percent of all hard drives will fail within the first two years. While we all like to think it will never happen to us the statistics show otherwise. But, just because your hard drive seems done for doesn’t mean you have to lose all that important data.

Data Recovery

We understand the important role data plays for New Jersey small businesses. Our first priority is your data so we always attempt to back-up any data we can so you do not have to worry about losing a thing. We use extensive data recovery programs that search for any salvageable material, from just one program we boast a ninety five percent success rate from failing or damaged drives.


As a courtesy to our customers, we always keep a copy of your data on hand for thirty business days to ensure that the data has been successfully re-install. Once you inform us that you have all your required data, we will remove it from our secure storage facilities.

Replacement Drive

To enhance our service to you we offer the option of having the data re-installed onto a replacement drive and installed onto your computer. We request that you supply us with the applications, operating system and any available driver disks for the computer.

Data Recovery Rates

As long as the drive is spinning these rates apply:

  • Free Diagnostic – We will check the recovery ability of any drive for free
  • $80.00 to $385.00 for a successful recovery of data
  • $125.00 additionally for a re-installation onto another drive*
  • $85.00 additionally for expedited service – within 24 hours
  • No charge if we are unsuccessful!

(* Price does not include the new drive)

If the drive has stopped spinning additional diagnostics are required