Computer Repair

Onsite support

Remote support

Walk in support – no appointment needed

Are you still using an older software application?

Were you told your computer “can’t work” with the latest operating system?

Let the experts at Computrs Inc keep you up and running!

Our company slogan: “Nothing is impossible. The impossible just takes a little longer.”

If your computer is slow, has pop-ups, is making weird noises or just isn’t turning on our computer repair technicians are ready to help. We will clean up any infected system and provide the tools to keep it running like new. Accidents happen and so our computer repair techs are prepared to fix any physical damage that has been done, with a wide array of parts on hand we can repair most common issues that day or order parts if they are required. Don’t wait days to hear from someone about your computer problem, we will contact you with updates as the computer repair process is carried out.

We don’t force a solution or make you fit into one. We customize the solution to meet your needs and goals.

Computer Upgrade

Is your computer slow? Have you considered moving to a Solid State Drive?

Is your software unable to work with Windows 10 but it worked with Windows 7?

Don’t accept the standard answer to replace things when a simple upgrade could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

We are experts at extending the economic lifecycle of your computer and network.

Give us a chance to save you more than you would expect.

Are you using QuickBooks? Tired of trying to navigate the upgrade paths?

Not sure which questions to ask?

Had enough of that old, slow, outdated machine?

We can help pick the right new computer system or even upgrade your current one. Our computer upgrade consultants are ready to help you figure out the best game plan to meet your unique technology needs. Additionally, we will back up all of your data and programs so you won’t lose anything when moving to your new computer.

Allow our experienced computer people to review your upgrade path to achieve your ultimate goal.

Let us make your computer experience one you enjoy!

Since 1987 we have been accomplishing the impossible. When other computer people throw up their hands or refuse to listen to you call us at 973-248-9500. We take the time to understand your needs.