18 Years is a long time – QuickBooks upgrade

Eighteen years is a long time. In computer terms, it mean the difference between horse-drawn carriages and a self-driving car. Recently, a customer with an 18-year-old QuickBooks file on her 1998 Macintosh Performa computer had been looking to convert this file to the latest version of QuickBooks for MAC. But, she could not find anyone or any company that would do it for her because the file was considered to be too old. Here at Computrs, Inc., in addition to many other IT services, we specialize in QuickBooks conversions. As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we have access to resources including top level engineers at Intuit to help us get a job like this done right. Not only was the file age a challenge, but getting it out of the almost 20-year-old Macintosh was a bit tricky too. This computer had no internet capability, USB ports or other modern connectivity. While other computer professionals had been unable to complete this upgrade for the client we stand by our motto, “Nothing is impossible; the impossible just takes a little longer”. The upgrade of QuickBooks and the retrieval of our client’s data was successful. Of course, the customer was ecstatic that the conversion was successful. We were happy too.