Windows Updates may cause you not to restart

Microsoft and Adobe release updates today. Microsoft came out with 8 bulletins including one which is critical to install for Internet Explorer. Others involve updates affecting Microsoft Office and Windows Exchange Server. For anyone using Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 we strongly recommend updating the computer and rebooting to complete the installation. ADOBE also released updates for Flash. While it’s an extremely powerful program it is very prone to attack. Users need to install the FLASH update. Since Google Chrome and IE 10 and 11 update FLASH without user intervention the update will not be noticed. If you run Firefox or any other internet browsers be aware the upgrade has to be manually installed. While we recommend Windows Updates every month there are unfortunately and occasional issues caused which creates other problems. This month we have seen a few Windows 7 computers failing to reboot after installing the updates. The fix has been to perform a system restore back to a date prior to the installation.