Windows Server 2003 end of life cycle

Computrs Inc will continue migrating clients from Server 2003 to Server 2008 or 2012 to prevent issues caused by the 2003 end of life cycle.   Anyone running a server with 2003 can contact Computrs Inc at 973-248-9500 or email to schedule a review to upgrade to Windows Server 2008 or higher. There are many reasons it is highly recommend that you update your server software. The main issue that will come from the termination of support is the end of all updates for the operating system. This means that new software is not required to work with Windows Server 2003 and you will not be able to upgrade to newer versions of existing programs. Even more important is the end of updates for the built-in firewall and security application. Meaning that, your server will be at an increased risk for getting viruses and could allow un-authorized personnel to access your data without your knowing.   Another area of conflict is with compliance. If you are in a regulated industry or handling sensitive data on a regular basis you may not be in compliance with the standards. That is to say, you could be fined numerous times depending on the importance of the data transferred through your server. Also, valued partners may feel the need to temporarily or permanently stop service due to the lack of security in your server.   With the end of support you may find that there are programs that are no longer supported by the two more current server operating systems Windows Server 2008 and 2012. Fret not, the technicians at Computrs Inc. are prepared to help move any files or programs that are still able to be used. For those items that are no longer available on the new versions, there are usually updates to the current software or other options that will allow the same actions possibly in an easier way. One way to ease the stress of this part is to list out the vital programs and meet with a technician as soon as possible. This simple act can save many tough hours of trying to get the new server to act like the current one. Other welcome actions are to clear outdated files and back up any important data that you do not want lost.   While it may seem that July is a ways away, it is coming up fast. This can be seen as an opportunity to modernize and gain full support from the newer windows technology. Windows Server 2003 has had a long eleven year life span and with the launch of Windows 10 approaching there will no doubt be great new features and products incorporated into the newer server versions.   Computrs Inc. is currently working with clients to upgrade to one of the two newer versions. If there is a need for your company to move forward please contact us at your earliest convenience to set up a plan of action. Computrs Inc. can be contacted either by phone at 973-248-9500 or by email at to answer any remaining questions about the end of life cycle including questions about Windows Server 2008 or 2012 and to schedule an upgrade assessment.