Windows 10 is here. Now what do I do?

On July 29, 2015 Microsoft released the latest desktop operating system called WINDOWS 10. For the first time since introducing an operating system Microsoft is offering a new version at no charge to any user with a valid copy of either Windows 7 or Windows 8. The upgrade path is released as a download from Microsoft. Upgrading takes between one and two hours and keeps all of the existing data and applications along with the settings for internet and printing. We are advising clients who wish to upgrade without anyone’s assistance to do a full back up of their data and applications just in case something goes wrong during the upgrade. This free upgrade is available for 1 year so don’t panic. Let Microsoft get some of the bugs out of it first and then be a Windows 10 user. If you are concerned about upgrading call us and let us be your computer support team. Our rates are reasonable and our service is exceptional. We can come to your office or home but you can also come to our office in Pompton Lakes. New Windows 10 features • There is an easier user interface that replaces Windows 8 tiles. Users will find this new look much simpler to understand. • Multiple windows are now clearly visible on the screen. No longer do users have to toggle back and forth between multiple screens. This is a good reason to have a larger LCD display. • Windows Explorer has a much better look while maintaining the older style going back as far as Windows 95. Most users will find this to be pleasure to use. • Internet Explorer 11 and the new internet browser EDGE will be on your Windows 10 upgrade. EDGE is Microsoft’ S answer to Firefox and Google Chrome. Our recommendation is to play with EDGE and remember you still have IE11 to fall back on. • A reminder to restart after an update no longer pops up on your screen. Finally Microsoft understands how annoying it is to constantly be reminded that the computer has to restart after installing an update. • Gamers and people who use CAD software will enjoy the latest version of Microsoft’s graphics API which has major performance improvements. Direct3D applications that are written to DirectX 12 will move along much better too.