TELSACRYPT and Friends

As if it wasn’t bad enough with CryptoWall now computer users have another Ransomware to be worried about. This one targets everyone but includes gamers as its primary goal. Similar to Cryptolocker or CryptoWall it encrypts all of the data on your hard drive and holds it until you pay for the encryption key. Sophos and many other antivirus firms are unable to stop this type of infection once it hits a computer. Computrs Inc has successfully found a batch file that will block the .exe file from launching but with newer types of Ransomware it’s only a matter of time before this batch file needs to be redone. TelsaCrypt is just one of the many new issues being thrown at computer users today. We strongly recommend taking a proactive stance. Begin backing up all of the data to the clouds. That’s the best solution and be safe. If something doesn’t look right trust your instincts, it probably isn’t.