Stop Microsoft from upgrading me to Windows 10

If you have  found that Microsoft upgraded you to Windows 10 overnight don’t despair. This can be reversed back to your prior operating system. Microsoft has created serious issues for many clients who run older programs that don’t run under Windows 10. At Computrs Inc we have saved hundreds of computers in the last few weeks from Windows 10. The process can be done either proactively or reactively. By installing a  batch file that prevents the computers operating system from being upgraded to Windows 10 we have save clients hours of aggravation and lost productivity. With clients who called stating that the computers have already upgraded to Windows 10 we offer two solutions. The first is to try and live with Windows 10. The second is to revert back to the original operating system and then have us install the “blocker” to prevent the upgrade from happening again. Since Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP and Vista is coming to its conclusion there is a concern as to when Windows 7 will no longer be supported. Microsoft lists January 2020 as the of life so there is no compelling reason to leave Windows 7 at this time.