Apple Repair


What Can We Repair?

Our free diagnostic does cover Mac computers and other Apple products including iPads, iPods, and iPhones. If your device is not functioning properly we will review the issues and get you a fair quote for the worked needed to be preformed.


Physical DamageMacbook Screen Repair

Rough handling of any computer can cause issues, especially if it is dropped. Our technicians can replace cracked screens, dead batteries, keyboards, hard drives, and much more. If the part is able to be replaced we can take care of it for you.


Viruses and Browser Hijackers

Most people who purchase Apple products are lead to believe that they are immune to viruses and while it is difficult to get them it is not impossible. On occasion Computrs Inc has handled powerful virus removals on iMac and Macbook devices but the most common security breach for Apple are browser hijacks. These hijacks can come from many places mainly websites and add items to your internet browser that causes it to show pop ups,change your home page and even open windows that lock you out of the internet. Fear not Computrs has a tried and testes method to remove all Apple viruses quick and safe.

Upgrades and Replacements

Macbook’s can run exceptionally well for many years but they too need to be upgraded to stay compatible with newer technology. A simple memory upgrade or hard drive replacement can add to the life of you product. If you are looking to boost the speed on an older unit our Technicians can install what is called a Solid State Drive, this replaces your hard drive and can improve the speed making it up to  ten times faster. Sometimes however, the life span of the device is over and it is not cost effective to repair, do not worry our consultants can move you to a newer Mac device with little hassle and stress. For more information on upgrading please contact one of our consultants at 973-248-9500

Operating System Updates

OS X El Capitain

Every so often Apple (like Microsoft) updates there Operating System so much that it is necessary to package it as one large installation. If you are unsure about whether or not you are on the latest version all you need do is call and we can help you find which version you are running and help you get to the latest version if you are not already on it.