Replace your Seagate 3 TB Drive today – 47% failure rate recorded

As per ZDNET the 3 TB Seagate hard drive has recorded a 47% failure rate annually. The management of Computrs Inc has never in their 30+ years in the IT field seen such a horrendous failure in quality control for a computer component. Computrs Inc President Ken Freedman was quoted saying "Today is the day that anyone who has a Seagate 3 TB drive in use should be imaging the drive to another drive and replacing it. Backup all the important data, confirm the backup was successful and immediately look to have the Seagate 3 TB drive replaced. “ Between CryptoWall which encrypts clients data and now this devastating news about Seagate’s 3 TB drives end users have to begin protecting their data. The Seagate drive which began selling in 2011 has seen as high as a 75% failure rate when Back blaze ran tests on the drives. Backblaze claims to have purchased as many as 5000 of the Seagate 3 TB drives. The company has since purchased Seagate’s 4 TB drives and has had a normal failure rate under 3%. Clearly there has to be a colossal failure with the Seagate 3 TB drives design, manufacturing, or one of the components to have a failure rate of nearly 50% in just 3 years of use. Maintaining computers are difficult enough without having components that can’t be trusted. Hopefully the drives being replaced provide the type of reliability we have come to expect from Seagate.