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POMPTON LAKES – Computer panic usually happens at inopportune times, and that’s what Computrs Inc. understands. As owner Ken Freedman quotes his father, Milton: “Nothing is impossible! The impossible just takes a little longer.”
Computrs Inc., located at 294 Wanaque Ave. in Pompton Lakes,  is there for all your computer troubleshooting needs around the clock. All calls are returned within one hour or less for after hours issues every day, including weekends. Reach Computrs Inc. at 973-248-9500, online at, or drop by the store.

Network problems, data loss, security issues, or even slow operation – Computrs Inc. knows all about this and is standing by with understanding technicians led by Freedman who will walk their customers through a cure.

And, yes, Computrs is spelled correctly, says Freedman with a smile.

“When we first opened and people saw our sign, it was a surefire bet that they remembered us after that,” he said.

Computrs Inc. takes the anxiety out of system tune-ups, critical software updates, security issues and slow-running machines that eat up productive work and personal time. Same day service is available.

“There are very few issues we cannot handle here,” said Freedman, who takes his father’s advice seriously.

“Dad taught me to take a deep breath and really see the problem clearly,” he said.

And when it comes to computers, that’s critical. Freedman is not rattled when customers call him frantically, often on weekends, after a severe computer issue.

Recently, one customer called him on a Saturday, extremely concerned that his computer had a major failure, the same computer that held irreplaceable photos of his fiancé who had passed away.

“I told him I would meet him in the office after another computer firm’s technician reformatted the hard drive,” said Freedman.

In a few hours, Freedman had undone the damage inflicted by the other computer company and was safely downloading the irreplaceable photos of his fiancé to a CD.

“He just stood there and cried,” said Freedman. “That makes this job worth every second.”

With a regular staff of full-time technicians, Computrs Inc. works on solving Internet issues, laptop, desktop, and network support. In addition, they handle data transfers to new computers from older units and software updates; desktop solutions with a detailed understanding of Microsoft and Apple products; networking issues, including on-site wiring and wireless configuration; personal computer repair, memory upgrades and emergency service; hardware sales and service; and support, both technical and emotional.

“Computer issues often hit us right in our hearts,” he said, as he complimented a client on her family photo that appeared as he opened her laptop.

His connection with his clients spurs his community involvement. Freedman volunteers to teach a computer course in Ringwood to seniors who are learning Internet skills. One of his students stopped by with a machine he was trying to decide whether or not to scrap.

“Let me take a look at this,” said Freedman, who then continued to chat with his customer and his wife for a length of time, ultimately trying to decide what he would be comfortable doing.

“To buy a new unit or not to buy a new unit,” smiled Freedman. “This is the question.”

While he enjoys chatting with his customers and calming their fears over their computer issues, Freedman is ultimately a professional with a hard driving work ethic.

“We’re here for the customer,” he said. “People come in with a problem and a furrowed brow, but they leave with a smile and a feeling of ease.”

Computrs Inc., 294 Wanaque Ave., (973) 248-9500, is located on the Internet at www.computrs and in store from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon. All calls are returned within one hour or less for after hours issues every day, including weekends.