Google It.

Google it. Twenty years ago it might have been something naughty. Today most everyone knows it means to search the internet for the answer. How did Google’s search engine become the Kleenex or Xerox for the computer industry? Looking back just a few years we had Yahoo, Bing, and who could forget AOL as our search engines. Why did Google take over as the standard for looking up everything? As an IT person since 1981 I would have to say it’s the ease of operation as well as the clean look of their home page that has propelled it to become the number 1 search engine. Search queries are simple to read and it looks the same whether you use any of the internet browsers. When using a smart phone to search the internet the same familiar Google page comes up. Another popular belief is that it is faster too. Most results come up in less than one second. Internet Explorer was the standard internet browser of choice for all PC users just a few years ago. Today Google Chrome has taken over too. So the next time you need to look something up on the internet just Google it.