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Upgrade to a Solid State Drive

February is the month of love. Why not include some of your other favorite things like your computer? It has served you well over the years and can run even better with just a little TLC and an SSD drive from Computrs, Inc.

This month we are having a special on Solid State hard drives. SSD drives can increase performance 10-fold. Below are the top 3 reasons why an SSD is better than your current conventional mechanical hard drive.

Life Expectancy

Mechanical drives have an average life expectancy of three to five years. SSDs have life expectancies reaching into decades. Expect your SSDs to last two to three times longer than mechanical drives.


SSDs have no moving parts, their access and seek times are many times faster than those of their mechanical counterparts.

Power Consumption

SSDs draw very little power. Even at a full load, SSDs consume approximately three Watts or less compared to six or more Watts by standard disks.


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