EZ Pass subscribers warning – Dont open email from EZ Pass

The following statement comes directly from the Better Business Bureau regarding an email scam. Anyone who receives an email stating an issue has been detected with their E-ZPass account should delete the email and NEVER open it.

BBB statement below:

The Better Business Bureau is warning E-ZPass users that scammers could be targeting their email. Scammers are posing as E-ZPass in emails and claiming to collect unpaid tolls. The email actually carry viruses that infect computers and open users up to identity theft.

The scam is a basic e-mail scam - there's an email from E-ZPass that uses the correct colors and logo and claims to be collecting money from an unpaid toll. It says that previous bills have been ignored and urges users to pay immediately by downloading an attached "invoice." The "invoice" is actually a virus. While nothing may seem to happen after downloading it, the virus scans the computer for personal and banking information.

This type of e-mail scam is called phishing, and there are several easy ways to differentiate a phishing e-mail from a legitimate e-mail.

- Watch for look alike URLs. Be wary of sites that have the brand name as a subdomain of another URL. Example: "ezpasspayyourtolls.com."

- Hover over URLs in emails to reveal their true destination before clicking.

- Don't open attachments from unfamiliar sources and don't download anything before confirming its legitimacy.

This type of scam takes several variations. It might be from a bank, be an e-card, or be asking for donations for charity.