The latest victim to be attacked is the city of Plainfield NJ . Ransomware infections which encrypt the data on computers, backup drives, and thumb drives, has barely made the news however the effects have been devastating to those who have been attacked. 

A local electronics chain recently suffered an attack. Even though we recommended they follow the lead of the FBI to pay the ransom they still believed there were steps they could take to recover the encrypted data without paying the criminals. After multiple consultations with the individual at the Electronic Chain we ultimately determined they had failed to recover their data and eventually had to resort to further methods to recover the encrypted files.

Malwarebytes has introduced a beta software program that has shown success at blocking the encryption. The main issue is that once infected the encryption can’t be reversed without the codes from the criminals. The ransomware must be paid in bitcoins and not by credit card.

This is clearly the year of the Ransomware. We recommend having a secured backup both offsite and at the office or home. Once infected it’s too late to reverse the encryption without the key.