Microsoft Office alternative

While Microsoft Office is still the best selection for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint it sometimes upsets clients who have to shell out $135.00 or more for each computer to have the big three applications. Kingsoft Office Suite offers an alternative for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint at the wonderful price of FREE. Computrs Inc has endorsed this alternative for clients who can use something other than the actual Microsoft Office. If you're looking for more information on Kingsoft Office go to and take a test drive. Others who agree with us include Rick Broida who believed it may be the best free alternative.

Internet Explorer Safe to use again

After 4 days in turmoil Microsoft has released its security patch for Internet Explorer. In a stunning turn of events Windows XP is included in this out of sequence patch. To underscore the severity of the vulnerability with IE the U.S. Homeland Security released a security warning NOT to use Internet Explorer until the patch was available. While Microsoft has included XP users in this round of updates the management of Computrs Inc does not want this to be an endorsement of continual usage of Windows XP. Windows XP will not be secure for internet or email and users should be preparing to migrate to another operating system. Computrs Inc has many options available for upgrading from XP without losing the ability to continue using the applications on an existing computer. Contact us at 973-248-9500 to review various Windows XP...

Windows XP reaches the end. Welcome to Windows 7 or 8

Microsoft has issued their final swan song for Windows XP. Users of the 12 year old operating system have to make a decision to upgrade or leave the internet. Maintaining Windows XP for more than a decade, Microsoft has provided options for the last few stragglers who have held on for dear life without replacing or upgrading their operating system. 1) Migrate to Windows 7 and maintain the existing applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. 2) Replace the computer and transfer the data onto the new computer. Applications can be re installed onto the computer with the newer operating system. 3) Do nothing and hope the virus and malware infections wont attack their older Windows XP. 4) Continue as if nothing has changed but stop using the XP computer for any internet activity such as email or web surfing. Computrs Inc...