There’s a reason it’s called backup AND recovery

There is a saying in hang gliding, “never fly higher than you are willing to fall”. These days’ personal and business data can be as dear as life itself for some; the loss of which can be devastating. Therefore, we strongly recommend all of our customers install and maintain a good backup system. Yet simply backing up may not be enough. All too often we are called to perform data recovery services for customers that actually had a backup routine in place. Then we discover that the backups were either never checked or there was not any recovery “fire drill” to make sure the backups were actually restorable. This is where the “AND recovery” part of the story comes in. Frankly, the process should rather be called recovery and backup. For any backup is only as good...

18 Years is a long time – QuickBooks upgrade

Eighteen years is a long time. In computer terms, it mean the difference between horse-drawn carriages and a self-driving car. Recently, a customer with an 18-year-old QuickBooks file on her 1998 Macintosh Performa computer had been looking to convert this file to the latest version of QuickBooks for MAC. But, she could not find anyone or any company that would do it for her because the file was considered to be too old. Here at Computrs, Inc., in addition to many other IT services, we specialize in QuickBooks conversions. As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we have access to resources including top level engineers at Intuit to help us get a job like this done right. Not only was the file age a challenge, but getting it out of the almost 20-year-old Macintosh was a bit tricky too. This computer had...


Ransomware has become the most devastating issue to hit computers. Imaging all of your data is gone and someone is taking money from you to return it. What makes this even harder to accept is that they cant be stopped by even the FBI.

With the help of there is a way to be proactive thus blocking the encryption. Cyberreason, an up and coming computer security firm, has introduced a FREE protection software which Computrs Inc is endorsing.

While Computrs Inc strongly recommends rigorously doing backs for protection we also recommend installing this free blocking package.