CRYPTOLOCKER – Worldwide infection

"This was a worldwide infection, but it also had law enforcement worldwide working to combat it and bring to justice the criminal organization behind it," said FBI assistant director Joseph Demarest The Register ( is reporting that the US State Department and FBI have "stumped" nearly $3,000,000.00 as a reward for the arrest of the perpetrator of the CRYPTOLOCKER encryption infections. It is being reported that over 100 million dollars has stolen with this type of Ransomware. Computrs Inc has been actively contacting cleints to install a batch file to protect computers from this latest round of CRYPTOLOCKER. While there is no reversing the effects of CRYPTOLOCKER the batch file will block the .exe file from running on the computer. There is an issue that we have been addressing this week that is devastating to computer users. An infection call CRYPTOWALL aka CRYPTOLOCKER has been encrypting data on computers and requesting $500.00 on the 1st day to unencrypt the information. This is a serious form of Ransomware with no possibility of being able to be reversed without paying them. The amount doubles daily until it is paid. We have a batch file that can block this infection but there is no way to reverse it once it has infected a computer or network. It also attacks the backup drive and all computers on a network leaving all files unusable. If anyone is looking to protect their computer or network from this please have them contact us immediately. We are installing the Batch File on every client as fast as possible. No antivirus program has been able to stop this yet. A new and improved variant of the CryptoWall ransomware has been infecting computers worldwide in the past few days.  The new CryptoWall 3.0 uses a localized ransom message and passes traffic to a website where the victims can pay for the decryption key needed to unlock their files through Tor and I2P anonymous networks. CryptoWall is a file-encrypting type of threat, which once activated on the infected machine encrypts certain files on it and demands a fine ($500 ) in order to provide the victim with the decryption key. The ransom is to be paid in Bitcoin digital currency in the next 168 hours   The ransom message displayed by CryptoWall 3.0 reads: