Computrs Inc joins Praetorian Guard partnership program

Reduce server and PC downtime Recover quickly from viruses and hackers Manage your software license efficiently Recover data more rapidly Monitor and prevent rogue employees and the damage they create Identify unproductive employees Improve IT audit compliance Manage authorized and unauthorized software Improve your desktop maintenance With all of the challenges assailing businesses since the advent of the computer and the Internet, business owners and managers need their own Praetorian Guard to protect and defend them from internal and external forces threatening their businesses. In order for your business to have a system that can protect it from these forces, the system should support complete network administration, network monitoring and user auditing through one secure, stable and scalable system. We proudly present a system that is revolutionary in its design and features. It is built to protect your business from dangers and helps you manage your network proactively and efficiently. This product is PRAETORIAN GUARD. It will perform all the tasks your business needs to be secure from internal and external threats. In addition, Praetorian Guard is designed to support both centralized administration and distributed management with its Microsoft .Net foundation. Praetorian Guard is designed to scale from the smallest single PC business to the largest Fortune 500 business with thousands of PCs. Praetorian Guard uses a revolutionary hybrid SAAS (Software as a Service) licensing method, which allows every business to access all of the features your business needs at prices you can afford. You pay for the product on a monthly basis for the PCs upon which you use the product and the feature used. This monthly licensing system allows your business to get into this product with the lowest cost of entry so your business can immediately start seeing a significant return on your investment.