Computer virus , Telphone scams, and data recovery

A new twist on computer infections now comes directly from your phone. Microsoft or Windows will never call you at home. Microsoft does not have your home number and will not be calling to let you know that your computer is infected. Nobody from Microsoft will request access to your computer to fix an issue without you first initiating a call to them. Scam artists are using overseas call centers to claim they are WINDOWS and need to stop a virus on your computer. Don’t believe it for a second. The person on the phone will tell you they need $125.00 or more to remove the virus. Unfortunately there never was a virus on the computer. These people actually install malicious software onto your computer. They will have access to your important files as well as your credit card. Another trending virus has you calling a number to have your computer scanned. Don’t fall for this trick. If a message pops up on your computer claiming you have an infection don’t call that number. The number leads you right to another group of scammers who will access your computer. Trust your local computer consultants to protect your computer system. Don’t rely on someone who you don’t know. Once one computer is infected the rest of the systems should be scanned. Most offices have multiple computers. Today most homes also have multiple computers. If you have enabled file and printer sharing on your office or home computer network take the extra security step and scan all of the computers for infections. DATA RECOVERY and Backups One of the best services we provide is data recovery. Nothing makes our day more than when a client gets their lost files back. Since 1987 Computrs Inc has been performing data recovery on computers and files servers. Now we have expanded our service to include Smart Phones, USB external hard drives, and camera cards. Nothing is ever really lost on the computer or memory card. It just takes the right knowledge how to unlock the secret door to the missing data or photographs. Most data recovery jobs are completed in 1 day.