Computer Repair Services

Computrs Inc knows how important your computer is to your life and business. We know how important your computer is to your life and business. With a full service computer repair shop open 6 days a week and a dedicated staff of IT service technicians we are able to handle many jobs same-day… no appointments, no boxing and mailing. We offer same-day computer repair service with 95% of of our computer repairs completed the same day we start.

Our affordable services include:

Computer Repair

If your computer is slow, has pop-ups, is making weird noises or just isn’t turning on our computer repair technicians are ready to help. We will clean up any infected system and provide the tools to keep it running like new. Accidents happen and so our computer repair techs are prepared to fix any physical damage that has been done, with a wide array of parts on hand we can repair most common issues that day or order parts if they are required. Don’t wait days to hear from someone about your computer  problem, we will contact you with updates as the computer repair process is carried out.

Managed Services

When you are trying to reach a deadline and your equipment breaks down who do you turn to? Computrs Inc’s trained and professional technicians have knowledge and experience in all technology fields. Our team of IT service technicians are more than capable of keeping your network and other IT infrastructure up and running. For more information, click here

Computer Upgrading

Had enough of that old, slow, outdated machine? We can help pick the right new computer system or even upgrade your current one. Our computer upgrade consultants are ready to help you figure out the best game plan to meet your unique technology needs. Additionally, we will back up all of your data and programs so you won’t lose anything when moving to your new computer.

Visit our computer sales page here to see what we can do for you.

Network Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

From cable modems to wireless routers, we have the equipment to connect all the devices in your home or office. Wireless printing is a big part of networking, let us do the work so all you have to do is click print. Prefer to run cables to all your machines? We can set up as many hard wired devices as you need and make sure your networked systems will not fail when you need them. Looking to boost your business’ network? Look for our businesses and offices page coming soon.

Apple Mac Book Repair and Updgrade

No Apple computer is too old for us to repair. You shouldn’t worry about upgrading to the most recent Apple Computer when yours can still work fine. We can make your old mac book computer run like new by simply upgrading the parts inside. If your Apple Computer is running an older operating system we are glad to help bring you to the newest OS. We will back up everything on your current Apple Computer so you don’t have to worry about losing any data. For more about Apple related repairs and upgrades check out our Apple Device page here.

Hardware Installation

Printers, wireless routers, external backups; these are just a few of the many devices we can connect to your computer or network. Never worry about getting your hardware setup right, we will handle it for you and make your life easier. We can also provide you with new hardware if yours is broken or out of date.

Computer & Internet Security Services

We provide extensive online protection, here are some of those services:

  • Virus detection, eradication and inoculation.
  • Detection and disabling of unauthorized terminal capture programs.
  • Detection or installation of keystroke recorder hardware or software.
  • Internet firewall configuration, installation and maintenance.
  • Installation of programs to track amount of time spent on-line and websites visited.
  • Secure internet transaction service consulting.
  • Data and e-mail encryption.


Data Recovery, Transfer and Destruction

If your hard drive or device has crashed do not fear, our experts are ready to help you recover your data. With over a ninety-five percent success rate, Computrs Inc. can help recover lost data and important files. Here is a list of items we can fix for you.

  • Data recovery from dead or dying drives*
  • Data recovery from smartphones, tablets, and other portable media
  • Data backup to an external or cloud drive
  • Data transfer from an old computer to a new one
  • Hard drive destruction for old, failing, or dead drives
  • Complete computer reset including data wipe

*For more details about our data recovery services please visit our data recovery page


  • E-mail address and domain ownership tracing.
  • Anonymous e-mail tracking and truly anonymous and private email services.
  • Locate messages individuals are posting to newsgroups.
  • Detection or installation of keystroke recorder hardware or software.
  • Internet firewall configuration, installation and maintenance.
  • Secure internet transaction service consulting.
  • Data and e-mail encryption.
  • E-mail address and domain ownership tracing.
  • Data and e-mail encryption.

We can also fix a number of issues not listed here, for more information on these and additional services please contact us either at 973-248-9500 or at
You can also stop in our store located at 39 Main Street Bloomingdale, NJ 07403