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AOL Desktop ending free usage

AOL is ending free use of their Desktop application. Email will still be free as long as you log onto their website at www.aol.com or at www.mail.aol.com

AOL will offer a new version of their Desktop application for $3.99 per month with the 1st month as a free trial. This will be named AOL Desktop Gold.

For anyone still using the AOL Desktop application you should receive an email directly


Ransomware has become the alligator in the water. If you connect to the internet and use email chances are you will at some point be exposed to RANSOMWARE. Panic is the 1st emotion when one opens a computer file and discovers the entire document is unreadable. The 2nd emotion comes comes when you realize your entire computer or network has been compromised and all of the files are unusable. The perpetrator has you or they think they do. What are your options? Pay the ransome to unlock your file or hope you have a verified backup which will allow the restoration of data. Computrs Inc has successfully decrypted numerous RANSOMWARE infections. We will work with you or your company to minimize the damage and restore the computer or entire network back to prior encryption dates....

QuickBooks – “We Do IT Different”

QuickBooks accounting software is the most popular desktop and online computer based bookkeeping solution on the market today. It is intuitive, powerful and very versatile. Yet, most businesses use only a small percentage of its power. There is a big gap between what their CPA/Accountant will do for them and the other accounting tasks such as training, data security, networking, inventory control, debt and asset management, sales commissions, procedures in and around the system and reporting. These businesses need something more akin to a controller with an IT background. After all, accounting is quite technical in its own right. Though most CPAs and accountants help with the basic setup mostly for tax purposes, using the software beyond the chart of accounts is usually left to the owners of the company. Inevitably the integration of daily operations into...

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