Attention Apple Users

By George Lundberg III So you have run in to a problem with your Apple device, you have tried a few steps to fix it but to no avail, what do you do? Most people go back to where they got it from, the Apple Store. You get there and wait to see a technician and after they look it over they drop the worst news, you will have to replace it and there is nothing we can do about your data. But is this really true; is it your only option? While this may take some by shock, the truth of the matter is there is a good chance your device only needs a simple repair.   At Computrs Inc this case is all too familiar. Recently we have seen a trend in Apple store diagnostics where if it is not a “simple fix” then they either want you to replace the device or quote you an outrageous number to repair it. Having had many clients come to us with their supposedly un-repairable Apple computers our techs found the main issue to be that the hard drive had failed or gone bad. A day or two later with a new drive the client has their device back working just fine at a fraction of the cost they were quoted by Apple.   When it comes to fixing older models, Apple is known it be fussy and often seek to upgrade the user to the latest and greatest model rather than repair a few year old machine. This tactic catches so many people who simply just do not understand the problems they are having and only want to find a way to get back up and running. While Apple’s techs are more than happy to set you up with a new computer, they are of little use in getting any data off your thought to be broken computer. Again this is a lie that our techs at Computrs Inc discovered while helping a distraught client.   Our client came to us several days after visiting the Apple Store who had said the computer was dead and there was no way to retrieve the large amount of photos that were stored on there. After accessing the drive Cyber Security Analyst and Computer Technician Mario Silvera noticed that the drive was still functional enough to backup all the personal files that remained on the drive. A few hours of work later the client had their pictures back along with a working Mac Book.   When asked about his experience with Apple Customer Service Mario had this to say: “Apple is always looking to get the most they can out of their customers. They make claims such as your Mac cannot get viruses and while it is difficult to get viruses it is not impossible. My warning to any Apple user is to have your device checked by a secondary source before agreeing to what Apple recommends you do.” Mario, who has worked for Computrs Inc for several years, has seen a fair share of Apple technology and has had many successful repairs from hard drive installations to screen replacements. Many people believe with an Apple device they are protected and secured from harm but it some ways they are more prone to issues.   Is Apple always wrong in their assessment of a damaged machine, no, but the track record they have shows that at least some of their technicians would rather take the easy way out than spend some time actually fixing their companies products. Mac computers can be great machines and will last a long while with proper care and servicing. If any Apple user ever feels that the quote the Apple Store gave them was a bit steep, the computer technicians at Computrs Inc are more than happy to give you a second opinion on a repair for any and all Apple devices.