Apple iMac and MacBook repair

Computrs Inc has seen a tremendous increase in the number of Apple computers coming in for repair. Most of the people are new clients who have been to the Apple Store. They were told there was nothing that could be done to fix their all in one unit or MacBook. In some cases Apple’s Genius technical staff also claimed their data was hopelessly lost however they could go to Microcenter for data recovery. One client came to us after being told at Microcenter that their data was not recoverable. Their photographs were recovered by us in less than 2 hours. The drive does have serious issues but our data recovery skills and ability to diagnose problems allowed us to get the data when neither the Apple Store or Microcenter could do it. Another client was told their iMac computer was too far gone to warrant being repaired. The Apple Store did successfully backup their data to an external drive. It turned out that the iMac only needed a new hard drive along with an OS installation. With Apple computers starting at $600.00 it pays to get a second opinion rather than accept the diagnostics from someone who claims it can’t be repaired.