Am I protected

Every business owner believes their computer system is protected. Most people believe the computer consultant or IT department backs up the data and applications daily. Failing to confirm the backup can have catastrophic implications. Nobody would ever expect a computer glitch to keep the business from running. However in our nearly 29 years in business there have been countless times we have been brought in to recover and often rebuild a computer system file structure. Until a crisis hits most businesses have no idea how good or bad their support has actually been. When everything is running there seems no reason to check the security measures that have been put in place. Our experience has proven that the right time to check the backup solution is when it is running fine and not to wait until the problem arises. Being proactive as opposed to reactive can be the difference between loosing sales, clients, even the entire business. There are many levels of protection for backing up data. The least expensive and easiest backup plan is to have a USB (Universal Serial Bus) external hard drive and actually run a manual backup These small but efficient drives are under $100.00 and often save clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars in data recovery fees. One level up would be a NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive. These external hard drives become another drive on the network which if properly configured can back up the data from each workstation and the file server. For home users or small networks these drives start at under $150.00. In conjunction with having either of the backup drives mentioned we also suggest having an offsite backup such as Mozy or Carbonite. These services are standard Cloud Based backup solutions which provide an additional level of protection in the event of a fire or server damage to the facility. Another issue to consider is replacing a backup drive every few years. These drives have an economic life cycle of 3-5 years. It has been our experience that they are not replaced as often as they should be. Our clients are often reminded to replace their backup drives every three years for their own protection. This also gives them an additional back which can be archived in another location. With the prevalence of computer virus infections or ransomware that steals your data it makes sense to protect your most valuable computer assets. Backing up data might seem like a small thing to do but it can pay off in the long run by keeping your most precious document or even keeping a business going. If you are not sure what your currently backing up the consider calling in an expert to check your backup. Nothing is worse than believing the backup is being done and finding out when you need those lost file you were not really getting a quality backup. Check the backup on a regular basis to avoid finding out you were not really doing a good backup.