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QuickBooks – “We Do IT Different”

QuickBooks accounting software is the most popular desktop and online computer based bookkeeping solution on the market today. It is intuitive, powerful and very versatile. Yet, most businesses use only a small percentage of its power. There is a big gap between what their CPA/Accountant will do for them and the other accounting tasks such as training, data security, networking, inventory control, debt and asset management, sales commissions, procedures in and around the system and reporting. These businesses need something more akin to a controller with an IT background. After all, accounting is quite technical in its own right. Though most CPAs and accountants help with the basic setup mostly for tax purposes, using the software beyond the chart of accounts is usually left to the owners of the company. Inevitably the integration of daily operations into...

Verizon email move to AOL

Verizon is leaving the email processing business but not as soon as expected. An early notification stated a drop dead conversion date of April 26 ,2017. This has been extended as per a Verizon employee who stated there is nothing to worry about if you have not received an email notification yet. Anyone with a email account should be on a watch for an email to switch to AOL The email will have to be acted on within 30 days to keep your email account active. Hopefully Verizon and AOL will handle this migration better than the notification process....

April 11 2017 Microsoft Patch Tuesday

  1. A major patch for WORD must be installed. This will apply to all version of Microsoft Word. Don't open any emails with Word attachments unless you can verify this is real
    1. The downloaded file puts a decoy that looks like a document up on the screen, so users thinks they’re looking at a doc. It then stops the Word program to hide a warning that would normally appear because of the link—very clever.

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