Monthly Archives: September 2016

Get ready. QuickBooks 2017 comes out this week

One of the more frequent questions we get is “should I upgrade my QuickBooks software?” The quick answer is a resounding yes. But so many do not upgrade until the very last and costly moment. The bottom line when it comes to upgrading any software; how far from the lifeguard do you wish to swim?   While we acknowledge the cost considerations of a software upgrade both in cash, learning curve and potential work flow disruption, the real money is lost not upgrading. The adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” comes to mind. When an old, out-of-date software fails, repair is usually more costly in comparison to its more recent version release. Many, if not most, failures can be prevented or at least more readily mitigated on the latest version of QuickBooks....

Google email down for the count – 9-14-16

The US and UK experienced the loss of email from Google for a few hours today. Gmail down: Social media users freak out over service outage — RT Viral September 2016 Patch Tuesday: Browser security takes center stage