Monthly Archives: June 2016

Now Offering QuickBooks Integration & Support Services

Computrs, Inc. is now offering full service QuickBooks integration and support:  
  • Design and implementation
  • Troubleshooting and file clean-up
  • Reporting and customization
  • Training and ongoing support
  If you already use QuickBooks, are you using its full capabilities?  Most businesses use less than 25% of its functionality.   Bill Paschick, our new VP of IT and Financial Systems is an advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor who specializes in guiding business owners on how to best use Intuit’s QuickBooks software to manage, run and grow the financial aspects of their businesses.   QuickBooks is a robust business tool. However, this remarkable software is only as good as the setup and training of the people who use it. Unlike other software packages in this class, QuickBooks is incredibly versatile and scalable. Whether you have a single user or up to 30 simultaneous users, need to run...

Windows 10 free upgrade ends July 29, 2016

Microsoft has forced many computer users to upgrade to Windows 10 with some positive and negative results. A few clients who run older legacy programs have experienced serious issues when the applications were unable to work with Windows 10. Fortunately in all cases Computrs Inc has been successful in reverting the computer back to the prior operating system. Some computer users have found they like Windows 10 after avoiding the upgrade for nearly a year. As July 29, 2016 comes closer we recommend users consider the consequences of not taking advantage of the free upgrade. A free 10 minute computer audit can help make the decision for you. Contact us at 973-248-9500 to see if Windows 10 is right for you....

New Ransomware – Dont bother paying them

Criminals are not the most reliable people so this should not come as a surprise. Another Ransomware issue has been discovered but this time don’t bother paying the ransom. People hit with UltraDeCryptor who have paid the ransom to retrieve their data have not been sent an unencrypting code. If your computer screen shows a blue image with the statement running across the top “How to buy UltraDeCrytper?” don’t bother paying with bitcoin. Once again Computrs Inc has to strongly recommend backing up important files. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center has issued a warning that email extortion campaigns have increase substantially in the past few weeks.  Along with email issues bogus phone calls reporting a Technical issue with your computer has also been on the rise. Again the FBI Internet Crime Center has issued a warning.