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Comodo Research Labs has declared Amazon users as the latest target for attacks with the Encryption infection also known as "Locky", "Cryptowall", and "Cryptolocker". Amazon purchasers may receive a fraudulent email that launches the infection upon opening an attachment. If you receive any email from don't open it. Computrs Inc strongly recommends backing up to external drives and cloud based backups to protect your important and irreplaceable photographs and documents. The FBI has in the past year issued a bulletin stating there is nothing they can do to protect the public from this or any other form of Ransomware infection. They state that the best move is to pay the Ransomware criminal to retrieve your files. We believe in being proactive to protect yourself from having your home or business computer held hostage by criminals. The Management at Computrs...

Windows 7 High CPU usage & Slow Windows Updates Fixed

The issue:  Installing and searching for updates is slow and high CPU usage occurs in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

The Svchost.exe process occupies 100 percent of CPU usage when you upgrade a Windows Update client to Windows 10.

KB3102810 can be manually installed to correct Windows Update getting stuck at checking for updates. It can be downloaded straight from Microsoft Download Center in the link above.

Stop Microsoft from upgrading me to Windows 10

If you have  found that Microsoft upgraded you to Windows 10 overnight don’t despair. This can be reversed back to your prior operating system. Microsoft has created serious issues for many clients who run older programs that don’t run under Windows 10. At Computrs Inc we have saved hundreds of computers in the last few weeks from Windows 10. The process can be done either proactively or reactively. By installing a  batch file that prevents the computers operating system from being upgraded to Windows 10 we have save clients hours of aggravation and lost productivity. With clients who called stating that the computers have already upgraded to Windows 10 we offer two solutions. The first is to try and live with Windows 10. The second is to revert back to the original operating system and then have us install the...