The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has advised computer users and businesses who are attacked by the Cryptolocker or Cryptowall infection to pay the ransom. As crazy as this seems the FBI has given up fighting the bad guys and is recommending to just give in to the demands. FBI Assistant Special Agent Joseph Bonavolonta made this recommendation at the Cyber Security Summit 2015 in Boston recently. He was quoted as saying “To be honest, we often advise people just to pay the ransom”. He actually admitted the FBI efforts to stop and protect the American public from this encryption attack has proved futile. The FBI agent believes paying to get back your data has actually help by reducing the fees they charge for ransoming your own data. Top level security experts claim paying to recover the files is actually less expensive than recreating the data files. The FBI is basically stating it’s better to reward the bad guys for bad behavior. This will only reinforce bad behavior. The perpetrators of Cryptolocker and Cryptowall will become more empowered by the FBI’s recommendation. Computrs Inc strongly suggests having secure backups done on a regular basis. We also recommend having data stored in multiple places on separate systems. Having data backed up on an external drive and in one of the many cloud based portals provides added protection against having to pay the Ransom to retrieve your own data.

Computrs Inc announces a new service to provide advanced notice on the integrity of the hard drive in your computer.

Don’t you wish you could be told if your computer hard drive was going to fail. Nothing is worse than finding out your drive is failing and you haven’t done a backup in years. The drive is the filing cabinet for everything on your computer. All of the applications, emails, documents, photographs, and just about everything you use is on that hard drive. When a drive fails there usually isn’t an indication before that fatal moment. There are basic signs that the untrained person will miss which indicates the hard drive is starting to have issues. 1) Data that you could swear was saved is no longer on the drive 2) There’s a strange noise coming from the computer like a grinding sound 3) The computer seems to freeze up then it catches up and starts again. 4) Occasional Blue Screen errors pop up for no reason. 5) Ridiculous slow speed opening items or deleting something that you know took no time at all just a few weeks ago. These are the easiest indications of a possible failing hard drive. Waiting until the drive actually fails is equal to waiting until the tire on your car finally goes flat before replacing it. Why would anyone knowing the tire will go flat wish to change the tire on the side of the road while trucks are flying by just 10 feet from you while its raining. This is the same analogy for waiting to change the hard drive until your data is unreadable and you have to turn in a report the next day. Let’s also not forget the photographs which were never backed up that will now need to be recovered or lost forever. Today Computrs Inc announces a new service to provide advanced notice on the integrity of the hard drive in your computer. Our service fully tests the hard drive which will allow you to decide whether to replace the drive now or continue using it for another year or two. With a complete scan on the computer we can give you the information to be proactive rather than reactive to an eventual hard drive failure. Call today to schedule your computer network or home computer. 973-248-9500. Use promo code HDSCAN

COMPUTRS INC supports the Bergen County Academies, Senior Experience

Pompton Lakes NJ – Effective September 2015 Computrs Inc is pleased to announce the addition of a Bergen County Academies Student as an intern. The Senior Experience internship is an interactive learning partnership through which students increase, in depth and scope, their knowledge and abilities in a selected area of study under the guidance of a mentor(s). The essential component of a successful internship is that the student actively participate in an area of interest under the guidance of a mentor. Different mentors approach this in different ways. Some mentors design a special project specifically designed for the student to develop his/her skills. Others bring the student into an ongoing project which may require the student to either work in collaboration with other colleagues or to work independently on one aspect of the project which the student is capable of undertaking with minimal supervision. In general, internships in the business community include the intern’s participation in professionally related activities. The internship may be in any discipline or involve any profession; however, it is mandatory that the student be an active participant in activities related to the field of study. It is just as important to define what an internship is not, as well as what it is. Internship is not meant to provide workers for laboratory assistance or office help. While students will certainly be exposed to career and work information, this is not the focus of their participation in the Senior Experience program. The purpose of the internship is active participation in a selected area of study. Students, however, are expected to perform all relevant duties, including such tasks as record keeping, filing, etc., since they are expected to be integral members of the team. Computrs Inc incorporated in 1987 provides IT Solutions, services, and support to small and medium size business. Contact Information: Kenneth H. Freedman Ken@computrsinc.com Worksite Mentor (973) 248-9500 ext. 212 294 Wanaque Avenue Pompton Lakes NJ 07442