Microsoft Windows 10 is Free! Don’t miss it

Microsoft has decided to make the next operating system upgrade FREE to Windows 7 or 8 users. The only catch is you have to upgrade within the 1st year after it is officially released. Computrs Inc has been testing Windows 10 since the day it was released as a BETA package. Our reports are not fully completed yet preliminary results after more than 90 days show it to be highly stable and compatible with all programs normally used by clients. The final release version from Microsoft has not been seen however the upgrade price is clearly reasonable. Stay tuned for further updates on Windows 10.


CryptoWall has returned on steroids. Apple Users are no longer immune from this Ransomware. The new version runs on AMD and Intel 32 and 64 Bit platforms including MAC OS X. There is no fix other than a secure and verified backup. The ramp up of Ransomware has been reports on CBS This Morning News recently. Computrs Inc has found limited success with enabling “Shadow Copy” and total success when offsite backups and other types of computer backups have been done.  Shadow Copy has to be enabled prior to the infection to allow the data to be recovered if a backup is not available. Antivirus programs and various Malware or Spyware utilities have not been found to be useful in eradicating this type of infection. System restore to a prior date does not remove the infection. CryptoWall encrypts the data making all of the files on the computer unusable. If a computer becomes infected the recommendation is to immediately turn it off and have the hard drive pulled out of the computer. This will hopefully prevent the infection from completing the process of encrypting the files.  We recommend pulling the power cord on the computer and not allowing the computer to do a normal shut down.  

Windows 7 – “The end is near” Well, yes and no.

Even though sales of Windows 7 officially ended in 2013 there were plenty of boxes and software packages around to keep sales going for another year or longer. This month Microsoft is ending “mainstream support” for Windows 7. Another one bites the dust.  This may be a great line for Queen but this is not a time to panic if you are concerned about running Windows 7. While Microsoft has officially ended sales of the ever popular operating system Windows 7 there are still plenty of years remaining for Windows updates. Microsoft ended support for Windows XP last year after nearly a dozen years of support. The security patches required to keep the operating system safe and reliable ended for XP but Windows 7 will continue to have nice long life.  If January 9, 2018 seems far off then there is no reason to panic. That’s the ending date for Windows 7 support from Microsoft. Microsoft has another operating system in the hopper currently being touted as Windows 10. Windows 8 has plenty of life in it too. There is no reason to panic. But if you are one of those unfortunate soles still using Windows XP or even Windows Vista, now may be the time to start considering retirement for the computer.