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Windows updates for June 2014

Tuesday June 10, 2014 - Microsoft released a rather large number of updates for Windows. A total of 59 updates were released with 7 being labeled as CRITIAL. These updates are expected to address over 60 vulnerabilities that have been discovered. Below is a list of a few of the updates. The information listed below comes from ZDNet. For more information about this round of updates go to for the full article.
  • MS14-030: Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Could Allow Tampering (2969259) — This is an unusual vulnerability, which could allow an attacker to modify the traffic content of an active RDP session. It is blocked by Network Level Authentication (NLA) and good firewall practices and, in any case, Microsoft considers it unlikely that successful exploit code could be written.
  • MS14-031: Vulnerability in TCP Protocol Could Allow Denial of Service...

Cryptolocker has returned


The management of Computrs Inc. has strenuously attempted to alert as many clients as possible to be wary of this infection since October 2013. Three of our client have been attacked by it. Countless others have been notified about this. Many were protected with a batch file that was created by a programmer to block the installation of Cryptolocker. Now comes news that Cryptolocker may have something is store for us in two weeks. Computrs Inc. is recommending running a scan from SOPHOS which they claim will remove files from this Ransomware infection before it becomes an issue. Below is  a more in depth article from Techweekeurope regarding Cryptolocker.


A 2 Week Deadline To Clean Zeus And Cryptolocker.

Police say sers have two weeks to rid their machines of Cryptolocker and Zeus Gameover. That means the...

Has the Cryptolocker Ransomware infection been stopped?

After nearly a year of fear and intimidation the joint task forces from many nations have finally moved on the people behind the CryptoLocker infection.

What happens next?

The next stage - the part of the operation that is the duty of all of us - is to dismantle the rest of the botnet, by progressively disinfecting all the zombie-infected computers that made the Gameover and Cryptolocker "business empires" possible in the first place. US-CERT has come up with a whole list of free tools so you can do just that, and (if you are the go-to person for IT problems amongst your friends and family) so that you can help others, too. I'm delighted to say that the Sophos Virus Removal Tool is amongst the recommended cleanup utilties. It's a free download; you don't have to uninstall...