Windows XP reaches the end. Welcome to Windows 7 or 8

Microsoft has issued their final swan song for Windows XP. Users of the 12 year old operating system have to make a decision to upgrade or leave the internet. Maintaining Windows XP for more than a decade, Microsoft has provided options for the last few stragglers who have held on for dear life without replacing or upgrading their operating system. 1) Migrate to Windows 7 and maintain the existing applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint. 2) Replace the computer and transfer the data onto the new computer. Applications can be re installed onto the computer with the newer operating system. 3) Do nothing and hope the virus and malware infections wont attack their older Windows XP. 4) Continue as if nothing has changed but stop using the XP computer for any internet activity such as email or web surfing. Computrs Inc has been working with clients for the past 18 months with migrations to Windows 7 or 8, replacing older computers, and doing everything to make this a smooth transition away from Windows XP. Call us at 973-248-9500 or contact us for a free evaluation if you haven't made the switch.    

Microsoft Office Starter 2010

  Many clients have reported using Microsoft Word and Excel 2010 with great success after downloading them from this site.